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044D Interface board with acoustic bin sensing.

Our Sorters are now equipped with acoustic bin sensing that monitors the bin solenoids and stops the machine before a bin sorting error happens!

These photos are Oscilloscope screen captures the one on the left is a marginally good bin and the one on the right is a marginally bad (Slow) bin.

Marginally good bin labeled.jpg (138437 bytes)                          Marginally Bad bin labeled.jpg (139593 bytes)

High Speed Power Supply Upgrade kit now available!

Increase the performance and cleanliness of your  EA sorters by driving your 110VAC solenoid with the E015 Board ( a new circuit board that replaces your current segregator power supply board), this new board provides the power supplies for both the segregator and Vacuum Solenoid.  This kit is shipped with a comprehensive installation procedure with photos.

Technical details- The old style AC solenoid turn-on and turn-off time can inconsistently vary between 10 and 16 milliseconds from ideal timing.  This inherent error is due to switching, synchronous with  line frequency, and NOT with machine timing! 

NO such problem exists when using the E015 board. Not only is valve timing now exact, but the new circuit board  pulses the valve into a much quicker response with a 160 volt 20 millisecond shot, to overcome the inductance of the coil. Voltage is immediately decreased, sufficient to only keep it energized until the ideal turn-off point.  The result of this change is a consistent turn on time of about 4 milliseconds and a consistent turn off time of about 9 milliseconds, see for yourself in the photo below!

This photo is two Oscilloscope screen captures stitched together so you can see the on and off time in one photo.  

High speed On and Off.JPG (137130 bytes)

To order send inquiries to sales@electrosort.com 

For additional information contact techsupport@electrosort.com 



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