Toroid Sorter
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Toroid Sorter-

The maximum throughput of this machine is up to 10,000 parts per hour.  Typically the integration time and unique part weight and dimensional qualities are the limiting factor.  

Model 015-11 V51.40- This is our table top version and it ideally sorts Toroids as small as .080" (2mm) O.D. X .022" (.5mm) I.D. up to .355" (9mm) O.D. X .119" (3mm) Thick.  

Model 035-11 V71.60- This is our Bench mounted version (shown above) and it ideally sorts Toroids from .355" (9mm) O.D. up to .710" (18mm) O.D. x .275" (7mm) Thick. 

Collection Bins- This Sorter is configured for 11 collection bins, 10 bins that are test instrument directed and one that is a default bin.

Close Loop Operation- These Sorters are pre-configured to operate with the Hewlett Packard option 202 interface card.  Probes cannot release the part until the end of test signal is received.

Most machines are adaptable to your needs with standard tooling.  Please call us with any questions!



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