Thermistor Sorter
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Model 015-11 V798.04 

Thermistor Test Sorting System


Test and Sort Thermistors quickly and accurately without the messy, time consuming cleanup of oil bath testing!


This Sorting System can be tooled to handle all Thermistor chip types and sizes including 1206, 0805, 0603 & 0402 Surface mount packages.  The throughput of this sorter is around 9,000 parts per hour.  Parts are sorted into thirteen bins, twelve are tester directed and one is an overflow bin.


This machine is designed for testing and sorting Thermistors at a very stable 25C.  Temperature specification inside the testing and handling area is 0.03C.  Accuracy is accomplished by electronically controlling the air temperature and track temperature.

Testing Details


Testing is performed using a HP/Agilent 3458A  8 Digit Digital Multimeter.


Tester is integrated with PC and Handler.


PC manages measurements, temperature and data calculation.


PC provides charts for SPC (Statistical Process Control), batch count control and cumulative bin data.


Results are compared to a reference Thermistor you provided from your oil baths.


Setup/Test programs can be saved to hard drive for easy retrieval.


Measurement definition: 0.2% error.


Enhanced Quality and resolution with Kelvin probing (4 terminal measurement) option.


                     Thermistors with unique requirements.......

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Thermistor Test Sorting System Brochure

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