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Semiconductor Die Sorter-

Throughput of this machine is over 12,000 parts per hour.  

Sorters have tooling configurations to handle die of all conventional shapes.

Microsorter version- This precise machine is configured with a microscope to enhance the setup of die sizes from 6 mil (.006") to 20 mil (.020). 

Macro version- Configured with a monoscope for observing die setup, this version is used for die sizes from 20 mil (.020") to over 200 mil (.200").  Our machines have been built to accommodate die sizes as large as 750 mil (.750").

Collection Bins- Sorters are configured for either 11 or 13 collection bins.  The 11 bin Sorter 10 bins are test instrument directed and one that is a default bin.  The 13 bin Sorter has 12 bins that are test instrument directed and one default.

Closed Loop Operation- These Sorters are controlled to eliminate the possibility of quality flaws in your classification sort operation.

Available Options- 

  1. Chiller option- maintaining a stable temperature improves your low leakage current (IR) results. 

  2. High Voltage option-  with this option the handler will be able to test parts at up to 2,300 Volts

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Semiconductor Die Sorter Brochure

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