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Thermistor Sorter

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Speed- Maximum throughput of this machine is over 9,000 parts per hour.  Sorter is tooled to handle all Thermistor chip types and sizes.
Repeatability- Total sort system classification error is less than .5% of measurement value.
Accuracy- Insured on Daily Basis with transfer chip standard from your oil baths.  Offsets are programmable.
Collection Bins- Segregator has 13 collection bins, 12 bins that are test instrument directed and one that is an overflow bin. 
Operation-  This Sort Station is totally integrated and is engineered with multiple failsafes to insure optimum quality assured measurement and uncompromising segregation between classifications.
Tester- The Thermistor handler is intimately integrated with a Hewlett Packard 3478A resistance meter and controlled with a PC that manages measurements, temperature, calculates data, provides charts for SPC (Statistical Process Control), batch count control and cumulative bin data.
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