Electrosort Automation

Surface Mount Sorter
'For Power Semiconductor Packages'

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Speed- Throughput of this machine is up to 11,000 parts per hour.  The typical throughput rate including test time is 10,000 parts per hour.
Package types- This sorter can be configured to handle all MELF sizes, including squared end configurations, SMA, SMB, SMC and SMD packages.
Collection Bins- Sorters are configured for either 11,13 or 25 collection bins, All bins are test instrument directed except one that is a default overflow bin. 
Closed Loop Operation-  These Sorters are configured to be operated closed loop. Probes cannot release the part until end of test signal is received.  However, we can accommodate testers that do not provide an end of test signal.
We are flexible to meet your special test and sorting or automated sampling requirements! Let's see if we can assist you in gaining that added measure of quality at a low cost.

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