Chip Resistor Sorter
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Model 300-11 V51.30 

Resistor Test Sorting System


Your best shot at Shipping 6 Sigma Quality!

This Sorter can be tooled to Test & Sort 0504, 0603, 0705, 0805, 1206 and MELF Style Resistors.  The throughput of this sorter is up to 12,000 parts per hour.  Parts are sorted into eleven bins, ten test instrument directed, and one overflow bin.

Kelvin (4 terminal) test probes and a probe pre-check qualification board are standard in this fully integrated Resistor Test Sorting Station.

Testing Details


Testing is performed using a HP/Agilent 3458A  8 Digit Digital Multimeter.


Tester is integrated with Probe confirmation.


PC manages measurements and data calculation.


Setup/Test programs can be saved to hard drive for easy retrieval.


Resolution 0.006% @ 1K Ohm and 0.015% @ 100 Ohm.  Comparative resolutions @ other ranges.


                     Resistors with unique requirements.......

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Resistor  Sorting System Brochure

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